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Travel Planning Radio /TV Show on Schooling, Working & Living Abroad

WALANETWORK is a Social Enterprise Venture initiated by AYP Consulting Limited to educate Youths and Young Adults in Africa and prospective migrants  about legitimate travel planning for schooling, working and Living abroad through WALA Network Website Anywhere and App, radio talk and TV shows. 

Planned Deliverables on WALA NETWORK Website Anywhere and App;

1) Dangers of illegal migration education

2) WALA Travel Planning Readiness Quiz

3) Education Travel Opportunities 

4) Business Travel Opoortunities 

5) Religious Tourism Opportunities 

6) MICE Travel Opportunities 

7) WALA Volunteers & Ambassadors 

Implementing Partners & Roles

1) AYP Consulting Limited - WALA Network Ideation Promoter ;

2) WALA Network Country Franchise Partner - Own and Operate WALA Network Website Anywhere and App;

3) WALA Network  Radio / TV Partners - Promotion and Advertisement 

4) Foreign Embassies in Nigeria - WALA Network Travel Contents & News / Sponsorship ;

5) International Organization for Migration ;

6) WALA Network Service Providers 

7) Local & International Donor Agencies 

Steps for Implementation 

WALA Network Trade Name and Domain Registration for country franchise operators 

WALA Travel Network to advertise and connect service Providers 

WALA Network Sponsorshilp Marketing 

Launch of WALA Network Website Anywhere & App, Radio and TV Show 

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